Sildenafil FAQ

+ Is this the generic for Viagra?


Sildenafil is the active ingredient in Viagra but this product is not the official generic for Viagra.
Because of this, we need to work with your doctor to get the prescription written for this alternative.

+ Does it work as well as Viagra?


The only difference is the strength of each tablet.

The most common Viagra tablet is 100mg. Our tablets are 20mg so by taking 5 tablets you are getting the exact same amount of medication as the brand but at 1/5th the price!

+ Is this an alternative to Cialis?

Sort of.

Although in the same class of medication, Cialis has a different ingredient that stays in the body longer than sildenafil.

If you are taking Cialis for erectile dysfunction and you are willing to take sildenafil 30 minutes prior to sex, it is worth trying.

If you take once daily Cialis for prostate issues, sildenafil will NOT help with this because your body gets rid of the medication to quickly.

+ Do I still need a prescription?


If you have discussed erectile dysfunction with your doctor, they are usually very receptive to the program.

We can contact your doctor if you fill out this form.

+ Why don't all pharmacies offer this?

It's very time consuming for a pharmacy.

Brandon Pharmacy is a small, locally owned pharmacy. Because we specialize in this program, we have the process streamlined and simplified for our staff and your doctor.

Additionally, we can keep the price down by specializing in this one medication and buying large quantities.

+ What is the cost?

The standard prescription we request is for #30 tablets and costs $50.

+ Is #30 tablets a months supply? Can I get more at a time?

Since there is no insurance, you can get any quantity the doctor is OK with. It can also be refilled as often as needed.

+ I don't live near Brandon, can I still use this program?


We can mail this prescription to you at no extra charge.