Pharmaceutical compounding is creating medicine that does not exist commercially. It is usually done to solve a problem that regular pharmacies can’t address.
— Dr. Tom Wullstein

Examples of compounded formulations that we regularly create:

· Hormone Replacement Therapy- By using creams with hormones in them, a patient can get their hormone dose specifically tailored to his/her needs.  No more and no less.

· Pain Management- There are many people who suffer from chronic pain that can take advantage of medications made specifically for them.

· Veterinary Medicine-  Many animals need antibiotics or other medications, but they do not get the proper dose because they will not swallow the tablets prescribed. 

· Child Formulation-  There are many creative ways to get medication into children who will not swallow tablets.

Due to the regulations, equipment, and space necessary, we do NOT make sterile products such as injectable formulations.